October 25, 2013

New York: WORD

Picking a bookstore to feature for the state of New York was a BIG challenge. Huge. Gigantic even. The state (not just the city!) is so lucky to have a lot of really great bookstores. I've also lived in New York for so long that it made it even harder for me to pick just one bookstore. I've spent lots of time browsing and hanging out at the bookstores I had to choose from. After much consideration and discussion with my friends in New York, we decided that WORD in Brooklyn would be the perfect choice.

Located in Greenpoint, WORD is the perfect neighborhood bookstore. New Yorkers always have to be smart and creative about how they use space since it's at such a premium, and this bookstore accomplishes this feat beautifully. It's a small bookstore, but it actually has so much more than you'd imagine. Most importantly, it does this without making you feel like you've walked into an episode of hoarders. It's beautifully done. And of course, a perfect neighborhood bookstore can't exist without an absolutely wonderful and intelligent owner which WORD definitely has in Christine Onorati.

Brooklyn, you're so lucky. Make sure this bookstore is your go to spot!

(P.S. - This is my first shout out to a store that is not going to be featured in the book, but I am so happy that my old neighborhood finally has a bookstore that I had to share! It just opened this summer, so all of you Astoria people, go to Astoria Bookshop and support them! Okay? Thanks. :) 

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