October 19, 2013

Ohio: The Book Loft

Have you ever had the fantasy of getting lost in a maze of thousands of books? You have, right? (It’s totally normal. Don’t worry.) The Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio is a MUST see bookstore for you. This gigantic independent bookstore has rooms and rooms and rooms of books for you to peruse. 

Ohio has a lot of independent bookstores (Rock on, Ohio!), but so many different friends told me about The Book Loft that I had to visit and feature it in the book. Even a bookseller I met at the bookstore in Nevada who is originally from Ohio mentioned how much she misses and loves this store.

These people were definitely all on to something. Visit this store if you can!

DSC_0179DSC_0185  DSC_0207 DSC_0222

Facebook: The Book Loft
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