October 27, 2013

Washington, D.C.: Politics & Prose

I'm not even sure where to start when it comes to the famous Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C. because it is just a plain awesome store. That's basically what it all comes down to. The store has tons of space both upstairs and downstairs and also has a coffee shop that is always packed. It's also only the second store I've been to across the country that has its own self-publishing machine. (The other being another famous store that I visited in Colorado: Tattered Cover.)

One of the things that Politics & Prose is probably most know for is the number of events they host every year. They host nearly 500 events a year!! That is a just a mind boggling awesome number. If your favorite author is doing any public speaking at all, it's a sure bet that Politics & Prose is one of his or her stops.

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to talk to and learn a lot from one of the store's owners Brad Graham and its senior book buyer Mark LaFramboise. Both are well springs of knowledge and clearly enjoy what they're doing. I had an awesome time visiting this store, and I'm so glad it's going to be in the book. 

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Facebook: Politics & Prose
Next Bookstore: The Ivy Bookshop in Maryland


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