September 10, 2013

Utah: Weller Book Works

In the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah you can find Weller Book Works to satisfy any and all book needs. This huge two story store has everything you could possibly want and gives you plenty of space and comfort to spend your day browsing their large selection of books.

One thing I love about all these independent bookstores that you cannot find in the large chain stores or by logging onto Amazon is the amount of locally relevant books. I say locally relevant because a local section could be a book about the city or town a store is in, or it could be a section that includes all the authors who are from that city.

Weller Book Works is owned by fantastic husband and wife duo, Catherine and Tony Weller, who have running this bookstore down to an art. Each of them has their unique specialties and both can help you find whatever you need – whether it’s a rare book from their upstairs collection or today’s bestseller.

Facebook: Weller Book Works
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