September 26, 2013

Minnesota: Magers & Quinn Booksellers

First thing’s first: people in Minnesota are very lucky! They have a lot of independent bookstores to pick from, particularly in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. One of the hardest parts of making this book has been that I can pick only one bookstore per state. If I've missed your favorite store in your state, don’t take it personally! I probably love that store, too. Maybe I’ll have to do a second edition?!

If I lived near a store like Magers & Quinn, I’d be flat broke because I’d be there every day buying up stacks of books. This store is fantastic. It’s big, has a great vibe (you guys know how I feel about vibe by now!), and helpful booksellers. The shelves and shelves of books everywhere make this the best place to go when you want to walk into store and know they will have a book you’ll love.

If you come to this store with a book in mind, I guarantee it won’t be the only book you leave with as other books catch your eye. If you come without a book in mind, no worries, because you will still leave with books in hand.

Check this store out the next time you’re in Minneapolis!!

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