September 17, 2013

Montana: Country Bookshelf

Country Bookshelf is an independent bookstore located in downtown Bozeman, Montana. It’s the largest indie bookstore in Montana, and it's been around since 1957! This bookstore is yet another example of how and why indie bookstores will never die. It’s a bookstore that serves its community with a wide selection of books and when you visit the store, you feel like you’re visiting a place with knowledgeable and helpful booklovers who happen to sell the books, too. 

Amazon can’t do that. Barnes & Noble sells more toys than books these days, know what I mean? I’ve traveled to so many states, and what is amazing is that no matter how different the states and the bookstores are, these local independent bookstores all have one major thing in common. They all clearly serve, reflect, and represent their individual communities.

Amazon ain’t gonna do that, folks.

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    It's an enticing climate here, the light floors, dividers, and bookshelves make it simple to overlook the main windows is in the front of the store.
    There are two stories to Country Bookshelf, the subsequent floor having the movement books and a plenitude of history books, neighborhood and national. The main floor is the place a great many people appeared to gather, with the fiction, kid’s books, and nearby essayists. I didn't see numerous spots to sit, however then I was having one of those child in-a-treat store minutes where I wouldn't have had the option to sit still. It's an especially decent store.

    The staff is extraordinary, as well. As I came up short on schedule, I was experiencing difficulty finding a book on the neighborhood by-ways and lesser-known verifiable spots. Inside minutes, I had at any rate three books in my grasp. I left frustrated that I had come up short on schedule. I am not getting enough words to describe about this store. I surely visit this store again and again. I do not want to miss any books anymore. Thanks for their outstanding service. I will recommend this for everyone here. Have a nice day to all here.

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