July 1, 2013

Texas: Book People

One of the dangers of doing a project like this is that I will buy a million books in every store I visit and no longer have room in my car for me or my clothes. You think I'm exaggerating this danger? When I moved from New York to Florida, I had 15 boxes of books. They were not small boxes either.

So far I have been really good at resisting the temptation to buy every book that stands out in all the stores. I had my toughest test of willpower, however, when I visited the amazing store, Book People, in Austin, Texas. Book People has tantalizing books and book related merchandise of all kinds in its two story location that makes it nearly impossible to walk in and not buy something!

I loved this store. Loved. Can you tell? It's also a great example of an indie store that shows indie store does not have to equal a small store. It's a huge store with a great cafe, and yet somehow, it manages to keep a  welcoming indie vibe. Maybe another reason I wanted to buy so many books is the placement of "staff recommendations" and other recommendations placed everywhere on all the shelves. I've never seen so many personally recommended books in a bookstore. They're in every section and cross all sorts of genres.

I really can't say enough good things about this store or its staff and CEO. Bryan, the store manager, showed me around and pointed out some really unique cool spots in the store. (The barbershop chair, the tunnel in the kids' section...)  Also the store's CEO Steve Bercu was
recentlyelected President of the American Booksellers Association.

Facebook: Book People
Twitter: Book People

Next Bookstore: Full Circle Books in Oklahoma

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