July 12, 2013

Kansas: Rainy Day Books

You know what you won't find when you walk into Rainy Day Books in Kansas City? A bunch of signs labeling book sections. I love that. And I also happen to love the reason behind it. Roger Doeren (Chief Operating Officer at Rainy Day Books) told me they want customers to come into the store and feel as comfortable as if they were in a living room.

And that's exactly what it felt like, too. It felt like being over at a person's house for the first time and browsing his or her bookshelves.

Vivien and Roger
Another really amazing and completely mind blowing fact about this store is that they average 300 events a year! They have hosted nearly every author you can possibly think of at this store. The store itself is a good size, but because their events can draw extremely large crowds, they either use another venue or get permission from the city to set up outside. When I asked if they had an event planner, I was surprised and impressed that they didn't. Vivien Jennings, the owner, and all of the staff are clearly book lovers and literary supporters to the extreme --- exactly what we all should want and hope for in a wonderful bookstore.

(P.S. - I have to throw in a special shout out for following this store on Twitter. It's highly entertaining and run by a man I will refer to only as Guy Montag. :-)

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