July 25, 2013

New Mexico: Moby Dickens

As I'm sure you guys have noticed, blog updates have been slow lately. I've hit a leg of the trip where I'm doing a store in the morning and driving 7 to 9 hours to the next state in one day. It's awesome, but it's also a little bit exhausting! If you're not following me on instagram, twitter, or facebook, that's where you're missing out. I'm posting regular updates on those sites about where I am and the things I've seen.

So what store is this? This  bookstore is the AWESOME and FANTASTIC Moby Dickens in  Taos, New Mexico. Another reason  I delayed this particular blog post is  that I wanted to be able to articulate just how great the owners of this  bookstore (Jay & Carolyn Moore) really are. But I've given up on being able to do that and have just decided to lazily employ a bunch exclamation points:

Moby Dickens and its owners are awesome!!!! 

Taos, New Mexico (Taos rhymes with house) is a cute small town with tons of character. I was tipped off about this indie store by an old friend from New York who now lives in Taos. (Shout out to her great blog: www.tipsandtrickswithashleighbeyer.com) Moby Dickens and Taos are pretty special places that are definitely worth visiting one day if you get the chance.

I will try to post more often even if it's just a few words and some pictures. Tomorrow I'm doing the bookstore in Wyoming and hitting the road to South Dakota.

Facebook: Moby Dickens

Next Bookstore: Antigone Books in Arizona

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