July 25, 2013

New Mexico: Moby Dickens

As I'm sure you guys have noticed, blog updates have been slow lately. I've hit a leg of the trip where I'm doing a store in the morning and driving 7 to 9 hours to the next state in one day. It's awesome, but it's also a little bit exhausting! If you're not following me on instagram, twitter, or facebook, that's where you're missing out. I'm posting regular updates on those sites about where I am and the things I've seen.

So what store is this? This  bookstore is the AWESOME and FANTASTIC Moby Dickens in  Taos, New Mexico. Another reason  I delayed this particular blog post is  that I wanted to be able to articulate just how great the owners of this  bookstore (Jay & Carolyn Moore) really are. But I've given up on being able to do that and have just decided to lazily employ a bunch exclamation points:

Moby Dickens and its owners are awesome!!!! 

Taos, New Mexico (Taos rhymes with house) is a cute small town with tons of character. I was tipped off about this indie store by an old friend from New York who now lives in Taos. (Shout out to her great blog: www.tipsandtrickswithashleighbeyer.com) Moby Dickens and Taos are pretty special places that are definitely worth visiting one day if you get the chance.

I will try to post more often even if it's just a few words and some pictures. Tomorrow I'm doing the bookstore in Wyoming and hitting the road to South Dakota.

Facebook: Moby Dickens

Next Bookstore: Antigone Books in Arizona


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you liked Moby Dickens so much!

  2. Morgan, THANK YOU so VERY much for the kind words! We greatly enjoyed meeting you and are so honored to be part of your work. We can't wait to see you back in Taos when your book is ready for a full on Author Event! Cheers, Jay and Carolyn