June 13, 2013

Meet my little friend

Hello from Hattiesburg, Mississippi!

I have a friend who told me that I needed to bring a stuffed animal along on my trip. At first, I was like, "What? No way, I don't have any space! What for?" But with just a little explanation and convincing from him, I popped into Target and grabbed a small little stuffed animal to take pictures of in random places along my journey. If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen her. (And if you don't yet, there's a button on this blog for you to do so. ;-)

In the last two days I've made it to two amazing bookstores -- one in Fairhope, Alabama and the other in New Orleans. Later tonight I will post more about those stores, and I might even have a few unofficial (read: camera phone) pictures to post of the towns and the people I meet that won't be in the book. 

Instagram is where I'm going to post pictures like these, but here are just a few of my little friend. I haven't named her so I just call her Care Bear. I also didn't name my car for this journey! But if any of you guys have any suggestions, you just let me know.

Now I'm off again! Next stop? East Tennessee!

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