June 23, 2013

Lexington, KY: The Morris Bookshop

Hi Everyone!

Wyn Morris, Owner

I am couple days behind on my travel and store updates, but I'll catch up over the next couple of days. Last week I went to visit a store in Lexington, KY called The Morris Bookshop. Morris was freaking awesome. In part because of its awesomeness as an indie bookstore in general and in part because of its great staff. I dare you to walk into this store and talk to either the owner, Wyn Morris, or anyone else who works

there because they are a treasure of information on all sorts of things. Also, it is really evident that they are book lovers and happy to meet other people who love books, too. I'd never been to Lexington before so I didn't really have any expectations, but if I'd had any, they would have been exceeded. 
This metal desk is a local artist's creation

A couple cool things:

1. Their bathroom is painted really cool funky colors and the ceiling is a mirror. Creative way to decorate a small bathroom, right?
2. A bunch of the staff participated in this project where 250 people all had a word (or two I think in some cases) tattooed on their arms that would make sense only when they were put together. 
3. Their store includes tons of decorations from local artists --- including a painted horse that's part of a larger Lexington project (see pic above).

You can follow this awesome bookstore on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Twitter: @morrisbookshop
Instagram: @morrisbookshop

Facebook: The Morris Bookshop

I mentioned I'm a couple days behind on blogging, but I have a very good excuse! This past weekend I met up with my two sisters in Atlanta, GA to celebrate my sister Alexis' upcoming wedding. My sister doesn't live in Atlanta anymore (she's a San Franciscan these days), but a bunch of her friends (and family!) met up in Atlanta to throw her a bachelorette weekend before her big day later this summer. It was a blast and really great to see my sisters.

Lindsay, Alexis, et Moi

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