August 12, 2013

Oregon: Bloomsbury Books

Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, Oregon may not be the first independent bookstore that comes to mind when you think of Oregon, but let me tell you guys something: it should be. It has everything I've come to love (even more than ever) about indie bookstores, but more importantly, it feels like a store that you want to have nearby because it’s just that welcoming and comfortable of a bookstore.  I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who walks into a bookstore and gets an initial good or bad vibe about the place. Do any of you guys do that? Well, truthfully, if there are books around, I don’t get a bad vibe exactly, but there are definitely some stores where I walk in and feel perfectly content to spend lots of time browsing for books. This was one of those stores.  

Facebook: Bloomsbury Books

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